Another 2014 Democrat Not Anxious To Be Seen With Obama

According To Texas Political Report Mark Wiggins, Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis (D-TX) Will Meet With Obama In Texas Today But “No Press Invited.” “Confirmed Wendy Davis will meet with President Obama after he speaks at #CivilRightsSummit today. No press invited” (KVUE’s Mark Wiggins Twitter Feed, 4/10/14)

FLASHBACK: Just Last Month, Davis Vowed “She Would Not Shy Away From Being Seen With President Obama.” “Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis said Thursday that she would not shy away from being seen with President Barack Obama when he visits the Lone Star State next month. The Democratic state senator’s comments came two days after she secured her party’s nomination in the deep-red state — but lost a number of border counties, raising questions about her performance among Hispanic voters.” (Elizabeth Titus, “Wendy Davis Not Shy To Be Seen With Obama,” Politico, 3/6/14)

  • Davis, On If She Would Shy Away From Photographs With Obama: “No, I’m Definitely Not Going To Do That.” “When the ‘conversation series’ moderator, Texas Tribune Editor-in-Chief Evan Smith, mockingly covered his face to ask whether Davis would shy away from photographs with the president, Davis said, ‘No, I’m definitely not going to do that.’” (Elizabeth Titus, “Wendy Davis Not Shy To Be Seen With Obama,” Politico, 3/6/14)

A Bad Day In Home-State Editorials For Jeanne Shaheen

Today, The Editorial Board Of The Nashua Telegraph Took Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) To Task For Using The Pay Equality Issue As A Fundraising Tool. “While that was playing out, we also received an email from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Equal Pay Day titled “It’s not OK,” touting pay equality and asking people to sign a petition calling on Congress to take up the issue.  We agree with Shaheen’s position that Congress should do something to make the employment marketplace a fair one.  At the bottom of Shaheen’s email – it came from the Shaheen for Senate campaign, not from her Senate office – was a big red button with a single word: ‘Contribute.’”    (Editorial, “Appeal For Money Could Have Waited,” The Nashua Telegraph, 4/9/14)

  • The [Nashua] Telegraph: “As If We Needed Another Reminder That, In An Election Year, There Is No Issue That Can’t Be Exploited By A Politician In Full-Blown Re-Election Fundraising Mode.” (Editorial, “Appeal For Money Could Have Waited,” The Nashua Telegraph, 4/9/14)
  • The [Nashua] Telegraph: “The Senator Brought No Credit To Herself By Using This Issue – However Implicitly – To Raise Money On A Day When Others Were Trying To Raise Awareness.” (Editorial, “Appeal For Money Could Have Waited,” The Nashua Telegraph, 4/9/14)

The New Hampshire Union Leader Wasn’t Much Better For Shaheen, Criticizing ObamaCare’s Impact On Costs In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Union Leader Editorial: “Its Short Title Is ‘The Affordable Care Act.’ Being The Work Of Congress, Naturally It Has Made Health Care Less Affordable. … Health Insurance Premiums In New Hampshire Are Up 90 Percent…” “Its short title is ‘the Affordable Care Act.’ Being the work of Congress, naturally it has made health care less affordable.   The stunning news this week was that health insurance premiums in New Hampshire are up 90 percent under the Affordable Care Act, according to a regular survey of health insurance brokers by Morgan Stanley’s health care analysts. (Editorial, “Premium Spike: Obamacare Costs NH,” Union Leader, 4/8/14)

  • New Hampshire Union Leader: “In 2008, Obama Said On The Campaign Trail That His Health Care Plan Would ‘Lower Premiums By Up To $2,500 For A Typical Family Per Year.’ Oops. No Wonder The Law Was Written To Postpone Its Implementation Until After The 2012 Election.” (Editorial, “Premium Spike: Obamacare Costs NH,” Union Leader, 4/8/14)

FLASHBACK: In 2009, Shaheen Said The Senate Needed To Pass ObamaCare In Order To Get Costs Under Control. SHAHEEN: “Now is the time to act. To put it very simply, our health care system is too expensive for families, for workers, for business owners, and for our Nation’s economy. I think Senator Bennet laid out very clearly why, if we are going to be fiscally responsible, we have to address health care reform now. It is critical for the Senate to act.” (Jeanne Shaheen, Floor Remarks, 11/19/09)

North Carolina Voters Continue To Give Obama And Hagan Low Marks

A New Poll From High Point University Finds That Voters Disapprove Of President Obama’s Job Performance By An 8 Point Margin – 44 Percent Approve And 52 Percent Disapprove. (High Point University Poll, 595 RV, 4% MoE, 3/23-27/14 and 3/29/14-4/3/14)

Democrat Senator Kay Hagan’s Job Approval Is Lower – Just 35 Percent Of North Carolina Voters Approve Of Her Performance, While 43 Percent Disapprove.  (High Point University Poll, 595 RV, 4% MoE, 3/23-27/14 and 3/29/14-4/3/14)

Hagan Loses To Every Potential Republican Challenger In Recent Polling

A Released Last Week From TWC News And Survey USA Showed Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) Trailing Every Republican Running Against Her. (TWC News/Survey USA, 1489 LV, 2.6% MoE, 3/27-31/14)

  • Hagan Did Not Top 45 Percent Against A Single Challenger. (TWC News/Survey USA, 1489 LV, 2.6% MoE, 3/27-31/14)

White House Under Fire For Obama’s Gender Gap Hypocrisy

CBS: The White House Is Getting “Roughed Up By Its Own Pay Equity Rhetoric” As “The Median Income Of Female Staffers Is 88 Percent Of That Of Male Staffers.” CBS’S MAJOR GARRETT: “The White House is getting, as you indicated Norah, roughed up by its own pay equity rhetoric.  In an analysis of White House salaries, which nobody here disputes, shows that the median income of female staffers is 88 percent of that of male staffers.” (CBS This Morning, 4/8/14)

  • In Terms Of Equal Pay, The White House Staff Is Not “Doing Much Better” Than The National Average. CBS’S NORAH O’DONNELL: “And this morning, President Obama plans to sign an executive order aimed at eliminating the pay gap between men and women in the federal government. Census figures show, in 2012, the average American woman earned only 77% of what the average man earned. And The White House staff isn’t doing much better than that.” (CBS This Morning, 4/8/14)

The Washington Post Headline: “The White House’s Own Wage Gender Gap.” (Juliet Eilperin, “The White House’s Own Wage Gender Gap,” The Washington Post, 4/7/14)

The New York Times: As Obama Calls Attention To The Gender Pay Gap, By Its Own Math, Women In The White House Make An Average Of 88 Cents For Every Dollar A Male Earns. “President Obama on Tuesday will call attention to what he has said is an ‘embarrassment’ in America: the fact that women make, on average, only 77 cents for every dollar that a man earns. But critics of the administration are eager to turn the tables and note that Mr. Obama’s White House fares only slightly better. A study released in January showed that female White House staff members make on average 88 cents for every dollar a male staff member earns.” (Michael D. Shear and Annie Lowrey, “As Obama Spotlights Gender Gap In Wages, His Own Payroll Draws Scrutiny,” The New York Times, 4/7/14)

  • Last Year, The Median Annual Salary Of Women In Obama’s White House Was $65,000 Compared To $73,729 For Men. “Even as Mr. Obama seeks to make an issue of the gender gap in compensation across the country, however, his own hiring is facing some scrutiny. The recent study, by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, showed that the median annual salary for women in the White House last year was $65,000, while the median annual salary for men was $73,729. The study was based on White House salary data.” (Michael D. Shear and Annie Lowrey, “As Obama Spotlights Gender Gap In Wages, His Own Payroll Draws Scrutiny,” The New York Times, 4/7/14)

CNN’s John King: White House Equal Pay Rhetoric A “Textbook Case” Of “Do As I Say, Not As I Do.” CNN’S JOHN KING: “Let’s start with the White House. The President today will sign a couple of executive orders to advance the cause of equal pay for women. Let’s call this a textbook case, Margaret, of do as I say, not as I do. As The White House says women should be treated equally, Jay Carney, the Press Secretary, was asked yesterday about this statistic. Women at house get 88 cents on the dollar compared to men. Jay Carney says, well, we’re making progress.” JAY CARNEY: “We are, as an institution here, have aggressively addressed this challenge. And obviously though at the 88 cents that you cite, that is not 100 but it is better than the national average.” KING: “It’s better than the national average. I guess the coach would say, is that the best you got?” (CNN’s New Day, 4/8/14)

Politico’s Manu Raju: The White House’s Own Pay Gap Is “Clearly Not The Message They Want To Send On Equal Pay Day.” CNN’S JOHN KING: “This is not new, Manu. In 2011, there was a study that said women at The White House made 18% less than their male counter parts. When Barack Obama was in the United States Senate, there was a study that found, across all congressional offices, not just his, that the men on average made $54,000. The women on average, $45,000 a year. So he sort of knows he’s his sticking his hand in this blender, doesn’t he?” POLITICO’S MANU RAJU: “That’s right. Clearly not the message they want to send on Equal Pay day.” (CNN’s New Day, 4/8/14)

CNN: “Stunned” By White House Equal Pay Rhetoric, Rollout “Didn’t Quite Work Out” As Intended. CNN’S CAROL COSTELLO: “Come on. Really?” CNN’S JIM ACOSTA: “Exactly. And this question that you raise, Carol, goes to a very real political problem for this White House. They’re trying to move on to other topics here with the midterms coming up and talking about these women’s issues, but yet here they have a rollout of an issue of equal pay that didn’t quite work out the way intended.” COSTELLO: “Christine, were you going to say something? I’m stunned by his answer.” (CNN’s “CNN Live,” 4/8/14)

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