The Obama 13

1. Obama Admits He Would Raise Taxes In 2013 

Obama Admits He Wants To Raise Taxes In 2013 If He Is Reelected. OBAMA: “That is a reasonable proposition. So, when you hear folks saying ‘Well, the president shouldn’t want massive job killing tax increases when the economy is this weak.’ Nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out-years.” (President Barack Obama, Press Conference , Washington, DC, 7/11/11)

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  1. specialistdirective said: Misleading; watch the full context of this conference & he’s talking about raising taxes for the upper margin of income - 320,000(?) A year and higher.
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  3. situationsare said: These thirteen points should be made into a graphic. People respond better to graphic design.
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