Obama’s Solution To Energy Crisis: Get Headlines!

Whether he’s in Congress, residing in the White House, Democrats control Congress, Republicans control the House, the policy actually hurts families by increasing gas prices, or he has a record to the contrary, nothing will stand in the way of Barack Obama offering the same political talking points to an energy crisis he promised to end once and for all. He’s gotten lots of headlines but zero results. Typical of a politician who is full of phony rhetoric, but short on solutions that will help Americans.

2012 Headline: “Obama Urges Congress To End Tax Breaks To Oil Companies” ( AP, 3/29/12)

2011 Headline: “Obama Urges Repeal Of Tax Breaks For Oil Firms” (Los Angeles Times, 4/26/11)

2010 Headline: “Obama: Roll Back Tax Breaks For Big Oil, Embrace Clean Energy” (AP, 6/2/10)

2009 Headline: “Obama Seeks Repeal Of Industry Tax Breaks, Subsidies” (E&E, 2/26/09)

And…how does Obama vote on energy tax breaks?

2005 Headline: “U.S. Energy Bill Showers Tax Breaks On Oil Drillers, Utilities” (Bloomberg, 7/29/05)

  • Barack Obama Voted For The 2005 Energy Bill. (H.R. 6, CQ Vote #152: Motion Agreed To 92-4: R 53-1; D 38-3; I 1-0, 6/23/05, Obama Voted Yea; H.R. 6, CQ Vote #158: Passed 85-12: R 49-5; D 35-7; I 1-0, 6/28/05, Obama Voted Yea; H.R. 6, CQ Vote #213: Adopted 74-26: R 49-6; D 25-19; I 0-1, 7/29/05, Obama Voted Yea)