The Bain Backfire

Without A Record To Run On, Obama Has Resorted To Negative Ads Attacking Mitt Romney

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Fact Checks Obama On Negative Ads: “Over The Past Month, Obama’s Own Campaign Has Run Its Ads More Than 68,000 Times, Nearly 80% Of Them Attacking Mitt Romney.” “KARL: ‘Turn on the T.V. in one of these states, and you’d think the election was next week. A bombardment of political ads, the vast majority brutally negative.’ OBAMA: ‘Most of the ads are negative and at a certain point, people get discouraged and start feeling like nobody in Washington is listening.’ KARL: “That’s right. Over the past month, Obama’s own campaign has run its ads more than 68,000 times, nearly 80% of them attacking Mitt Romney. Negative and loose with the facts. Take this Obama ad. OBAMA AD: ‘Romney’s never stood up to China. All he’s ever done is send them our jobs.’KARL: ‘But that’s not true. Romney’s former company Bain Capital may have invested in companies with operations in China, but there is no evidence that they shipped any U.S. jobs there under Romney’s leadership.’”(ABC’s “ABC World News,” 7/9/12)

76 Percent Of The 68,443 Obama Ads That Have Aired Over The Last 30 Days Have Been Negative. “Off the 68,443 ads that Obama has run on TV (local broadcast, national network & national cable) in the 30-day period ended July 2, 52,016 had an ‘anti-Romney message’ - 76 percent of the total, according to New York-based Kantar Media’s CMAG, which monitors campaign advertising.” (Mark Silva, “$10 M Checks, Obama Complains - Yet Look Who’s Gone Negative,” Bloomberg, 7/6/12)

Recent Polls Reveal The Ineffectiveness Of Obama’s Negative Ads

"Obama’s Relentless Assault On Mitt Romney’s Business Record Are Also Showing No Real Signs Of Significantly Shaping The Race." “Obama’s relentless assault on Mitt Romney’s business record are also showing no real signs of significantly shaping the race. Sixty percent of voters say that Bain makes no difference, while 23 percent say it makes them less likely to vote for him. Seventy-three percent of voters say that Romney’s wealth makes no difference.” (Byron Tau, “Poll: Voters Blame Obama For The Economy,” Politico’s " 44,” 7/18/12)

Six In Ten Voters Say Romney’s Bain Experience Will Not Affect Their Vote. “Six in 10 voters surveyed said Mr. Romney’s experience at Bain would not affect their vote, though other polls in swing states have indicated that the ads are influencing perceptions about his business experience.” (Jim Rutenberg and Marjorie Connelly, “Economic Fears Hurting Obama, Poll Indicates,” The New York Times , 7/18/12)

"The Economic News Is Overwhelming Everything Else, Including The Attacks On Mitt Romney’s Tenure At Bain Capital." “The takeaway from this poll is similar to the one drawn from the CBS/New York Times data: the economic news is overwhelming everything else, including the attacks on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and his refusal to release his tax returns.” (Sam Stein, “Mitt Romney Ties It Up In Virginia: Poll,” The Huffington Post, 7/19/12)

“Most Voters Say Romney’s Personal Wealth - Estimated By The Candidate To Be At Least $190 Million - And His Experience As The Head Of The Private Equity Firm Bain Capital Will Not Impact Their Vote.” “Most voters say Romney’s personal wealth - estimated by the candidate to be at least $190 million - and his experience as the head of the private equity firm Bain Capital will not impact their vote. Seventy-three percent say Romney’s wealth will make no difference to their vote, while 60 percent say his Bain experience will not impact their vote.” (Brian Montopoli, “Most Say Romney Policies Favor The Rich,” CBS News, 7/18/12)

While Romney Is “Under Fire For His Record At Bain… Polling For Obama Has Only Worsened.” “In the face of unending Democratic attacks, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign’s message is this: this is as bad as it gets. Under fire for his record at Bain and his failure to release more than two years of tax returns, and as his own message has skipped ineffectually from one attack on Obama to the next, polling for Obama has only worsened.” (Zeke Miller, “Romney Campaign: It Gets Better,” BuzzFeed, 7/19/12)

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