DNC Chair Says She Doesn’t Know The Political Affiliation Of An Obama Endorsed Super PAC

This Morning, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)  Said She Had “No Idea Of The Political Affiliation” Of Priorities USA. FOX NEWS’ JOHN ROBERTS: “Let me switch gears if we could.  You probably saw we were talking with John McCain a couple of minutes ago.  We aired a little bit of that Priorities USA ad.  Should the Democrats be releasing an ad of accusing a presidential candidate for being responsible, through an inference, of being responsible for a woman’s death.” DNC CHAIR DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ:  “First of all, that’s a Priorities USA, not a Democratic ad.  That’s a Priorities USA ad, which we have nothing to do with.” ROBERTS: “Do you deny that they’re Democrats?” WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: “I have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated with that Super PAC.” ROBERTS: “Bill Burton, who used to work at the White and worked for the Obama campaign in 2008.  Clearly they’re Democrats.” WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: “That is a Super PAC ad that is not affiliated with our campaign or with the party.” (Fox’s “Fox News Sunday,” 8/12/12)


Priorities USA Was Founded By Two Former White House Aides, “Former Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton And Political Aide Sean Sweeney.”“Priorities USA Action and Priorities USA, which has already begun running attack ads on Mitt Romney,  were founded last year by two former Obama White House aides — former deputy press secretary Bill Burton and political aide Sean Sweeney.” (Bill Dedman and Michael Iskikoff, “Spielberg, Labor Union Are Obama Backers; PAC Raises Less Than GOP,” NBC, 1/31/12)


Obama Spokesman Ben LaBolt: “Campaign And White House Officials Have Participated In And Will Continue To Participate In” Super PAC Events. “And the Obama campaign made clear that it still fully supports the political action committee. ‘We have been crystal clear in expressing our support for Priorities USA Action and its mission: re-electing the President,’ campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said. ‘Campaign and White House officials have participated in and will continue to participate in their events across the country.’” (Steven T. Dennis, “Cabinet Members A Super PAC No-Show,”Roll Call, 7/10/12)

At Least Four Of Obama’s Cabinet Members Answered His Call To “Help Fill The Coffers” Of Super PACs. “At least four Cabinet members appear ready and willing to answer President Barack Obama’s call to help fill the coffers of Democratic outside spending groups, which have to date been badly outgunned by better-funded Republican organizations.” (Michael Beckel, “Fundraising Activities Are Limited, But Star Power Brings In The Bucks,” iWatch News, 2/13/12)

  • White House Officials Offered To Appear At PAC Events With Donors – “Some Likely To Have Substantial Business Interests Before The Administration.” “Under the plan, White House officials will appear at events with donors — some likely to have substantial business interests before the administration — for a super PAC that is legally required to be independent of Mr. Obama’s campaign.” (Nicholas Confessore, “Unleashed, Democrats Hunt For ‘Super PAC’ Donors,The New York Times, 2/7/12)
  • “Big Corporate Donors, Unions And Other Wealthy Individuals” Will Have Access To Key Administration Officials That They Haven’t Had Since 2002. “The shift gives big corporate donors, unions and other wealthy individuals time with policymakers, lawmakers and key administration aides that they haven’t had since McCain-Feingold took effect in 2002.”(Michael Beckel, “Fundraising Activites Are Limited, But Star Power Brings In The Bucks,” iWatch News, 2/13/12)

Interior Secretary Salazar, Energy Secretary Chu, Education Secretary Duncan And U.S. Trade Rep. Kirk Will Attend Fundraising Events For Democratic Super PACs.“Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk have all indicated they would be open to participation in activities designed to help the nascent Democratic super PACs, like ‘Priorities USA Action,’ raise money.” (Michael Beckel, “Fundraising Activities Are Limited, But Star Power Brings In The Bucks,” iWatch News, 2/13/12)

“Officials Tapped To Participate Include Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe And Mr. Messina, A Campaign Official Said.” (Laura Meckler, “In A Shift, Obama Campaign Moves To Support Outside ‘Super PAC’” The Wall Street Journal, 2/7/12)


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